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HMI Hardwoods LLC, is a leading provider of hardwood lumber products located in Clinton, MI. Our strengths include a unique system by which all of our employees participate in management and production standards assuring HMI Hardwoods LLC's customers the value and service they come to depend on. This aggressive participation by the employees also maintains HMI Hardwoods LLC's competitive edge in the industry.

in 2021, HMI Hardwoods joined ranks with the Baillie Group and can now bring even more value to our customers in the form of access to supply, industry expertise and resources!

Our attention to deal in the area of lumber grading, including the use of a state of the art pre-dryer which  simulates ideal drying conditions (a controlled moisture gradient), resulting in less drying degrade and fresher, brighter lumber.

Our board for board inspection process after surfacing provides us the final look at your lumber maintaining consistency and earning your confidence shipment after shipment.

Our trade marked product, Redi-Rips have become part of our customer's culture, we have defined ways to reduce cost for consumers of hardwood lumber.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with all your hardwood lumber needs!

HMI Hardwoods LLC.
430 Division St. Clinton,MI 49236
Toll Free: 1-800-327-2812
Local: 517-456-7431
Fax: 517-456-4931
Email: sales@hmilumber

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Welcome to HMI