Tri-County Logging

Tri-County Logging

Superior Quality Timber Procurement

At HMI Hardwoods, providing top quality lumber is our number one priority. Knowing exactly where our green lumber comes from enables us to produce the finest dry lumber product to meet your needs. To ensure all timber meets these stringent demands, HMI Hardwoods avoids the use of brokers, and only obtains lumber from our own logging division, Tri-County Logging, where we can guarantee the strictest of quality standards are in place.

Tri-County Logging, a division of HMI Hardwoods, LLC, specializes in professional logging and sustainable forestry services - sourcing and harvesting only the best in standing hardwood timber. For over 44 years, Tri-County Logging has been a mainstay in the logging industry. Our focus on procuring only the highest quality timber is demonstrated by our Sustainable Forestry (Controlled Wood -FSC) and USDA certifications, and our Controlled Wood Written Policy Commitment.

Tri-County Logging maintains longstanding relationships with local landowners throughout lower Michigan, northern Indiana, and northern Ohio in the selection and harvesting of quality timber and education of proper forest management.

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