Hardwood Rip Technology Update at HMI

In November HMI upgraded its scanning system for production of Redi-Rip products. The original scanner was installed in 2003. Although it was still operable, replacement parts were difficult to find. Our concern was, if the system did “crash” we had limited backup plans and they were “band-aids” at best. We contacted Aiken Controls to discuss an upgrade. This company installed our original scanner and was familiar with the unique way we run our system. Most rip operations want to measure the results of what they ripped - after the fact management. We wanted to the ability to simulate runs, prior to running, to determine the best outcomes. The new system is a high resolution color coded light profiler. This sensor allows us to detect 3D shape (length, width and depth), Wane/Bark, open cracks/splits, holes, and knots. This system utilizes two scanning heads: one on the top of the board and one on the bottom of the board. The images are captured and then sent to the rip optimizer to determine the best solution for the board. This equipment has improved yields due to tighter scanner tolerances, and made our runs more predictable.

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