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Many of you who are reading this are manufacturers who produce a product made from hardwood lumber. One thing most of you have in common is that the product you produce is a fixed width product. Face frame is 1-1/2, 1-3/4, door rail is anywhere from 2”-3”, drawer fronts 4-6”. Moldings have many width ranges, but again they are all fixed to a specific width.

Our customers have fixed width needs and we as an industry offer a random width product that you must hope will work!! Now that’s backwards. So given this, why does anyone buy random width lumber to make a fixed width product? Think of all the variables you deal with. How much do I need to get my job done? What will my yields be? Yields drive my cost. How much production time will I have to take up to rip random lumber to get my orders out? What off fall will I be left with and what will I do with it? How do I balance my inventory needs? What do I do with my waste? Every one of these questions can contribute to a negative impact on your bottom line.

Many years ago, we developed a product that answered the questions above and many more: Redi-Rips™ .We went to market with the idea that as stand-alone shops you have an average to poor ripping bill. Collectively, if all the cutting bills could be put together in one place a great cutting bill would be developed, and all would benefit from this efficiency. That’s where we come in. We have a state of the art scanning and ripping operation as well as a customer base that allows us to put together cutting bills better than anyone in the industry.

It’s all about the bottom line… give us a call for details.

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