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HMI Hardwoods LLC


"We have been purchasing Redi-Rips for over 15 years. Redi-Rips helps us balance out production hours at our facility, reducing overtime cost; prices are competitive for value we receive. We also receive shipments on the date we expect."



"HMI was one of our first suppliers in the U.S. and it seems that we still have the good partnership going that was created over 10 years ago. It was a good match because of HMI’s “Redi-Rips™” product line. This was what our company was looking for. When you top it with their professional attitude and willingness to meet customer’s specific needs, and add some “magic dust” consisting of excellent customer service on top, then that sounds like a winning formula.”

- Marko Kajandu

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HMI Hardwoods LLC.

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