Toys for Tots

HMI is a proud sponsor of Toys for TotsOver 1200 toys were made in cooperation with HMI Hardwoods LLC (Clinton) for the children of Lenawee county this year.

Each year HMI Hardwoods LLC offers free hardwood lumber to woodcrafters for making toys primarily for Associated Charities' Toys for Tots program. This year

we have been able to give to children at the local hospitals and help Salvation Army in their gift giving efforts. This is all made possible by caring people.

Allen Park Schools (Allen Park, MI) joined us in 2003. Milan Federal Correctional Facility was able to start a woodshop program and joined us in 2004. 800 toys were made by Middle and High School students

during this past school semester and over 500 by MFCF. Local woodcrafters hHMI Lumber supports Toys for Totsave already brought rocking horses, barns and doll cradles complete with dolls, blanket and pads to the program. We look forward to even more next year from current and new woodcrafters alike. - Judy Brown -HMI Hardwoods LLC

Call Judy Brown at 800-327-2812 ext 344 if you would like to be included in this holiday tradition!

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