USDA Compliance Agreement

On June 4, 2015 HMI Hardwoods LLC became the first mill in the State of Michigan to obtain a USDA Compliance Agreement. The Compliance Agreement will allow expedited shipping for lumber export to China, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates or Malaysia.

We are proud of our accomplishment and pleased to announce this new benefit to our international customers.

USDA Certified

USDA Certified

As we all know, the Emerald Ash Borer has caused quarantines and movement restrictions for all ash logs in the state of Michigan. HMI Hardwoods LLC is proud to be one of the few companies who has been certified by the USDA and allowed to produce and ship Ash lumber. 

HMI Hardwoods LLC is subject to inspections and specific regulations in regards to making shipments. We are working very closely with the USDA to ensure that all procedures are followed closely and that no cross contamination can occur.

Sustainable Forestry Certificate – Controlled Wood (FSC)

Sustainable Forestry CertificateSustainable Forestry combines concern for the health of the woodlot with assurance of sustaining our precious raw materials for generations to come. HMI Hardwoods LLC, Inc. along with Tri County Logging, insure that their logging crews and associates are trained in Sustainable Forestry. They understand the importance of proper management and are very involved in the concepts and practice of ecosystem protection.

Our Timber Buyers will physically walk the woods marking only those trees 16" in diameter or larger, or those detrimental to the health of the woodlot. We are in fact in hopes that in the future we will be able to return to the woodlots which we harvest and continue utilizing them as a productive resource.



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